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NanoCore's advanced 3D metal printing technology produces high resolution parts that meet the critical needs of applications from automotive and industrial to consumer product design and prototyping.  


Existing metal 3D printers cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and are expensive to operate.  NanoCore is bringing to market the first metal 3D printer that is within the budget of companies of all sizes.

Safe &
Easy to Use

Plug in the NanoCore printer and start printing metal parts.  Current 3D metal printers require a dedicated production space and an attentive operator to ensure safe operation.  NanoCore's printer is safe and easy to use.


About NanoCore


NanoCore was founded to bring a transformative new 3D printing technology to market.  For years, the reality of 3D printing has lagged behind the promise of cost effective distributed manufacturing of functional parts.  NanoCore is here to fulfill that promise by enabling companies to utilize additive manufacturing to produce solid metal parts without the challenges associated with existing technology.  The future of manufacturing has finally arrived.


The NanoCore founding team combines decades of materials science, machine design and product development experience from the nations top university labs and leading private companies.  The technical founders hold PhD's from Stanford University and have years of research experience in metal alloys, thin films, solar cell evaporative deposition, and metal synthesis.  The team has a proven track record of shipping products ranging from low-volume technical imaging equipment to millions of units of consumer goods.


Based on proprietary materials science, process control and machine design, NanoCore's technology is revolutionizing the field of 3D metal printing.  Never before has it been possible to print solid metal parts that are both highly accurate and structurally sound without breaking the bank.  NanoCore's technology is safer, easier to use, more flexible and lower cost than anything in the market today. 


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